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Stencils are used in a variety of industries for many things. The DIY home project and paper craft community focuses on the ability to use stencils to layer material with inks, paints, water colors, stamps, markers, chalk, misters and other mediums.

Stencils make a great complimentary offering to our customers who already get stamps made by Photocentric.  The versatility and long life of stencils make for a must have in any consumer’s paper craft tool box. Stencils make a great complimentary offering to our customers who already get stamps made by Photocentric.  A variety of sizes and packaging options are available, so get in touch with us to find out more – we’d love to hear from you!

Our stencils are made from a sturdy 10 point mylar material right here in our Phoenix, AZ facility.  We began by offering 6” x 6” size stencils and we now offer:

6×6, 4×6, 6×9, 3×3, 12×12, 6×6 two-pack

Stencils come with a two-sided color printed insert card and hanging bag, fully packed. Artwork and insert downloads available here.

Pricing available upon request. Pricing is subject to normal stencil manufacturing time parameters.  Over 95% of all stencil artwork falls within these parameters. Price break available at 500 pieces.

MOQ’s: 4×6 Stencil 100 per design   |    6×9 Stencil 40 per design   |   3×4 Stencil 100 per design   |   12×12 Stencil 20 per design   |   6×6 Stencil two-pack 80 sets per design

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