Paper Packs

Bring your craft project to life

We have the ability to make a variety of paper products including but not limited to special packaging options. We use our white paper which we color to your specs by toner cartridge.

Currently we make products widely known in the paper crafts arena such as 12” x 12” papers, 6” x 6” paper packs, 6” x 12” paper and 4” x 8” papers. We offer 24-piece paper packs with cover sheet. Both single-side and double-sided prints are available.

We also have set pricing for 12”x 12” papers that include a 6” x 12” bonus paper. Artwork templates are available below.

Pricing available upon request.

Minimum order quantity is 75 packs.

12”x 12” papers that include a 6” x 12” bonus paper. Minimum order quantity is 300 sheets.

Minimum order for our 6” x 12” and 4” x 8” papers is 300 sheets or 900 pieces of individual 6” x 12” and 1,200 pieces of individual 4”x 8” paper.

Manufactured in our Phoenix, AZ facility.

Order Process

1) Your Artwork

Design and submit your artwork

2) Artwork Approval

Artwork is checked and approved. We then run a sample for your review and testing.

3) Place your order

Once your order is received, your product will be ready to ship within 10-12 buisness days.