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We have invested in state-of-the-art stamp manufacturing machinery to achieve the highest level of quality and reliability for our customers. Our latest machine, Costa II is our automatic stamp processing machine. It’s a massive in-line processor for 11" x 17" sized, clear imagepac sachets, all carrying your custom stamp designs inside. All the sections of the machine have been designed by us to achieve optimum stamp performance in a controlled environment ensuring you get the highest quality possible everytime. Costa II is the only automated stamp producing line in the world and is operational in both of our facilities. Automated Stamp Manufacture Our core expertise is manufacturing photopolymer, packaging it in sachets and using them to make beautiful clear stamps. Our high-quality, clear photopolymer stamps are manufactured using our award-winning patented, clear photopolymer called imagepac. Photopolymer Stamps

Slide We take your designs, which are carefully checked and processed by our dedicated, in-house Artwork Team, and use them to create negatives. All our stamps are made using our patented imagepac photopolymer sachets. We use UV light exposure and negatives to produce each individual stamp instead of expensive moulds. Not only does this mean we don’t charge mould fees, we are also able to achieve a higher level of detail with faster production times than other manufacturers. Our team of craft industry experts and are here to help bring your designs to life. Our Unique Approach

Slide Low carbon footprint We reclaim, process and reuse 99% of our unexposed resin to keep your carbon footprint minimal. Our packaging is also recyclable! Ink compatible Fast production times Designed to work exceptionally well with all water-based inks which account for over 90% of all stamp ink use. *Dependent on order size Advantages of our clear stamps Low to high order quantities Order from low quantities to 1,000's of sheets. Samples also available. Tear resistant Our stamps peel off individually from the sheet making them easy to mount onto an acrylic block for stamping. Crystal clear High clarity, shiny stamps that resists yellowing. Transparent for easy inking and positioning of your stamped image. Naturally sticky back Our stamps are tough and can be stretched and will relax back to their original shape. Long lasting Our stamps have been tested to a million impressions, so they will last for a very long time! Deep etch We make stamps in what we consider to be an optimized thickness of .125”. This gives the stamp deep plate relief while still holding all the fine detail required. 10-12 business days for main orders. Samples within 3-5 days.

As a standard, all our stamp sets are packed with a clear protective acetate sheet backing. A separate acetate sheet printed with your Stamp design is applied on top. We also offer packaging which includes an insert backing card, printed double-sided in full color, making your product stand out from the crowd! Sizes and Packaging Inquire Today The largest size we produce is 8” x 12” ranging down to the smallest size of 2” x 3”. We do, however, try to be flexible. If you require a size which isn’t already available, please send us an inquiry and we’ll do our best to see if we can accommodate your needs.

Slide Once you have approved your designs, you’ll be able to log into your account and place your order. Get started today! Support 4) Place your order 1) Register Online Go to our clear stampmaking page to sign up with our secure online ordering system. Check lead times, see your current designs, upload new artwork and place your orders online 24/7. 2) Your Account Once registered, a member of our dedicated craft team will contact you with all the information you need to get started. Use our comprehensive range of online support to get your design files ready, then send to our in-house artwork team for processing. 3) Create your artwork Register Today!