Manufacturing Reimagined

Our disruptive technologies are revolutionizing
global manufacturing processes.

Superior custom craft manufacturing

Bringing your brand to life

World leaders in craft stamp manufacture, our patented method of making stamps with polymer provides both quality and value to our customers. We provide a range of custom products to maximise the value from your artwork.

Office Stamps

World’s first photopolymer pack

Inventors of the world’s first photopolymer pack, imagepac for professional stamp making. Manufacturer of bulk resin and ancillaries to support office stamp production.

Vision of 3D Printed Batteries

Solving A Global Problem

Photocentric is now focussing their entire research team on the issue of improving energy storage
– one of the most important issues to face the Earth today.

Innovation at our Core

Photopolymer Pioneers

Photocentric has an exceptional team of organic chemists working at the cutting-edge development of photopolymers. We work on photopolymerization right across the spectrum, commercialising grades from 350nm (UVA) up to 460nm (visible light).


A Strategic Partnership

Photocentric and BASF are working together to develop the functional photopolymers of the future, delivering the properties necessary to make cost-effective end-use parts on an industrial scale.