$19,494 Shop Now Shop LC Magna. The largest LCD printer available worldwide.
Discover how large format printing can change the way that you work.

Includes supporting materials and accessories.

Slide excluding vat
Shop Now Shop LC Dental. Our first dental specific printer. Produce dental models at scale. Open source to support all dental applications, including Bio. Includes supporting materials and accessories.
Prices starting from $77 per kg UV Materials Daylight Materials Shop resin for LC Dental, UV, Laser, DLP, 355 and UV LCD printers.
We support the majority of 3rd party printer brands with an assortment of resins that deliver accuracy and value. Discover more about the material properties our resins deliver.
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Want to go even bigger? Maximus supports industry with a build volume suited to mass production and/or large volume prints.
Prices starting from $77 per kg
excluding vat
Shop resin for our daylight printers.
Find the resin that works best for your application; from castable to flexible. Full material list.
Post Processing Shop our wash and post curing solutions.
To get the very most from our 3D printers and materials we suggest fully post processing printed parts. Discover our full range of bespoke wash units, materials and UV post cure solutions here.
Shop Now Accessories Looking to reskin your VAT or buy a new print platform?
Grouped by printer, our accessories list will have you up and running in no time.
Shop Now Shop LC Precision 1.5. Award winning desktop LCD printer. For highly detailed and accurate prints, a perfect complement to industries that rely on precision. Includes supporting materials and accessories.