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Photocentric UV resin compatibility guide

Our high-performance resins have been formulated to be compatible with a wide range of 3rd party printers including Formlabs, MoonRay, Asiga, Envisontec, Flashforge, Peopoly Maoi, Nobel, Anycubic, Wanhao, Phrozen, Sparkmaker, Kudo Bean, Voxelab, Zortrax, Elegoo, Creality, Prusa and more.

This list is continually updated along with the relevant printer settings which can be found here. If you cannot find your settings then please use our UV resin layer exposure guide here or consult your manufacturer’s website. Please note that we are always very happy to receive printer settings directly.

    UV DLP Resins

Resins: UV DLP Castable, UV DLP Crystal Clear, Durable UV80, UV DLP Firm, UV DLP Flexible, UV DLP Hard, UV DLP Poliglass*

  UV LCD Resins

Resins: UV Dental Model, UV LCD Firm, UV LCD Flexible, UV LCD Hard

Compatible Printers

Note: UV DLP resins may require longer exposure time when used on UV LCD printers. All resins print at a wavelength of 385nm or 405nm. 

  • Ackuretta FreeShape 120
  • Ackuretta Dentiq
  • Anycubic Mono
  • Anycubic Photon
  • Asiga Max
  • Asiga Pico
  • Asiga Pro 4K
  • Atum3D DLP Station 5
  • Beam3D Prism
  • B9 Core 550 by B9Creations
  • Carima IM2
  • Creality LD-002R
  • Creality LD-002H
  • Creality Halot-One
  • Creality Halot-Sky
  • Cubicon Lux
  • DWS DigitalWax 028
  • Elegoo Mars
  • Elegoo Mars 2 & Mars 2 Pro
  • Elegoo Mars 3
  • Elegoo Saturn
  • Envisontec Perfactory
  • EPAX X1N
  • EPAX X10 Color
  • EPAX X10 & E10 Mono
  • EPAX X1K E6
  • Flashforge Hunter
  • IBEE by UNIZ
  • Kelant S400
  • Kudo3D Bean
  • Monoprice
  • Moonray
  • Orange Longer 30
  • Peopoly Phenom
  • Photocentric LC Dental
  • Photocentric LC Opus
  • Phrozen Shuffle
  • Phrozen XL
  • Phrozen Transform (RGB)
  • Phrozen Sonic Mini & XL 4K
  • Phrozen Sonic 4K
  • Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K
  • Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K
  • Prusa SL1
  • SainSmart Kumitsu
  • Shining Accufab-D1 3D DLP printer
  • Shining3D AccuFab-L4D
  • Shining3D AccuFab-L4K
  • Sparkmaker
  • UnionTech Cute300
  • Uniz Slash
  • Wanhao D7
  • W2P Solflex Series
  • W2P Sollab Series
  • Zortrax Inkspire

*UV DLP Crystal Clear & Poliglass are not compatible with Photocentric LC Opus

  UV Laser Resins

Resins: UV Laser Firm, UV Laser Flexible, UV Laser Hard

Compatible Printers

  • Formlabs Form 1+
  • Formlabs Form 2
  • Formlabs Form 3
  • Peopoly Maoi
  • XYZ Printing Nobel 1A