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Photocentric Wash 15

Using Your Wash Unit

Please read and follow the guidelines provided whilst operating this machine – if these are not adhered to, they can cause damage to your machine and may invalidate your warranty. Before starting the machine ensure that:

• All buttons and switches are turned off
• Cleaner is present in the tank (2/3 minimum)
• No liquid has splashed on the electronic parts of the machine
• The heating process is not started unless sufficient liquid is placed in the machine
• The power supply is earthed and grounded
• The machine is not moved whilst in use

1. Place ultrasonic cleaner on a flat, stable surface.

2. Add Photocentric Cleaner to a level where it will not overflow – approximately 2/3 full.

3. Plug in the cleaner and switch on via the switch at the rear of the unit if present, otherwise at the wall socket. (If no buttons are pressed, after eight hours your ultrasonic cleaner will go into power save mode. To restore power, press any button.

4. Place your printed part, platform or flexplate into the ultrasonic cleaner. If your Photocentric Cleaner is completely full of liquid with the printed parts immersed then place the lid back in your cleaner to prevent spillage.

5. Set the timer to the relevant settings; we advise a maximum of 5 minutes for most printed parts. Once set, press the on button and this will enable the ultrasonic function.

6. To end the cleaning process, press the corresponding key again; if nothing is pressed the ultrasonic will stop when the timer reaches 00:00 – if in use the heater will switch on and off to maintain the fluid at the target temperature.

Adjusting Settings

• Ultrasonic generator – with an output frequency of 40khz

• Timer – Can be turned on or off and set anywhere from 1-30 minutes. To increase the process timer by 1 minute press the up arrow button. Hold the up arrow button to increase in 10 minute steps. To decrease by 1 minute press the down arrow button. Hold the down arrow button to decrease in 10 minute steps.


• Empty the liquid out of your Photocentric wash unit after either a month of usage, or when it is no longer cleaning your parts properly, the specific option will depend on how frequently the machine is in use. To empty the liquid, disconnect all power supplies and carefully place the out valve (as seen in the below diagram) over a bottle or container. Once positioned turn the valve to release all of the Photocentric cleaner from inside your wash unit. This bottle or container needs to then be sealed and disposed of following your countries regulations and guidelines.

• Use a low power air compressor to clean dust from the control system regularly

• Once a month on emptying the cleaner out of your wash unit we also advise cleaning the inside of the ultrasonic, please do this whilst the machine is turned off, empty and not connected to the power.

• To prevent damage to the wash unit do not replace the cleaning solution more frequently than is needed

• Do not cover the vents of the wash unit

• Do not operate the machine without Photocentric cleaner inside

• It is advised to operate the machine with the lid securely wash unit

• Do not use alcohol, gasoline or flammable solutions. Doing so could cause a fire or explosion and will void the warranty of your machine

• Do not use mineral acids as these could damage your tank.

• Do not touch the tank or cleaning solution during use.

• Do not place your fingers or hands into the tank whilst the cleaner is operating. Doing so may cause discomfort and possible skin irritation.

• Avoid skin contact with solutions and provide adequate ventilation if necessary.

• Do not use solutions containing chlorine bleach.

Safety Information

All cleaning tanks should be handled with care to ensure maximum performance, please read and understand this user manual before using your ultrasonic cleaner:

• Do not operate if the tank is less than 2/3 full.
• Ensure power is disconnected before attempting to add or remove fluid.
• If pouring fluid away, pour away from the electrical socket on the rear and front control panel.
• Do not let items rest on the base of the bath, always use the basket.
• We do not advise using the heat function with Photocentric Cleaner as this could have a negative effect on your parts, the heat function can be used with alternative cleaning agents i.e. soap and water
• When submerging parts ensure fluid is not
displaced out of the bath.
• Maximum running time for a single cycle is 30 minutes.
• Never drop an item onto the base of the bath.
• Never change the fuse for a higher rated one.
• Do not used the product if it is in an unstable condition i.e. susceptible to fire or explosion.


We recommend keeping your Photocentric ultrasonic cleaner away from the below conditions:

• High humidity
• Unpredictable fluctuating temperatures, too hot or too cold conditions can affect the functionality and lifespan of the machine.
• Non-stable surfaces
• Corrosive gases
• Loose chemicals, oils and water (not including the cleaner currently being used)
• Where explosives or unstable chemicals are stored 

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