Photocentric Cure M

Setting Up

Please read and follow the guidelines provided whilst operating this machine – if these are not adhered to, they can cause damage to your machine and may invalidate your warranty. Before starting the machine ensure that:

1. Be careful when opening the packaging: Do not use a sharp blade that could damage the contents.

2. Remove the Cure M from the box by lifting upwards.

3. Remove the foam panels from the top. (Keep the packaging, this guarantees safe transport of the Cure M.)

4. Put the Cure M on a secure surface; pay attention to place it at a distance of at least 10 cm from any other object, including the back wall. This procedure is essential in order to not obstruct the vents of the Cure M’s cooling system. (See safety regulations)

5. Connect the power supply cable into both the Cure M and a power outlet. You can use a controlled switch outlet to disconnect the power to the oven in an easy manner when not in use. (See safety regulations).

6. After connecting the Cure M to the power a brief start-up screen will appear and then go into stand-by mode.
Warning: in this mode the Cure M is ready to start the required program, it does not emit UV rays but remains connected to the mains. (See safety regulations)


The Cure M system has a microprocessor controlled touch-screen interface and intuitive software that allows you to control every aspect of the drying process of your resin objects.

The Cure M system has three drying programs: two for standard use to finalize small and large products, and a third called Custom that allows you to create a customized program for curing your resin. All three programs use the controlled emission of several very powerful 405nm and 365nm UV LEDs and the accelerating effect of heat, thanks to the thermoregulation system. The multiple action of the many UV emitters allows the 360° irradiation of the piece without having to rotate it.

Standard Programs

From the power-on screen, it automatically switches to the program screen. In this condition the oven is powered and ready to start the program chosen by the user.

Clear Programs

The Clear program is designed for drying objects produced with transparent and delicate resins. The UV emission is reduced to 10% and the exposure time is 20 minutes. The program starts by clicking on the ‘Clear’ icon.

Basic Programs

The Big program is designed for drying large objects that take up most of the drying volume. The UV emission is 100% of its power and the exposure time is 90 minutes. The temperature curve will reach 40 ° C during the program. The program starts by clicking on the ‘Big’ icon.

Custom and Memorization Program

The Cure M can store 7 personalized programs (0-6) within its user interface.

The Custom programs will allow you to save your most used polymerization processes without having to enter the values into the Cure M each time. The Custom program also allows you perform the below:

Adjust UV power from 1% up to 100%.

Adjust the exposure time from 1 second to 100 hours. The temperature from 20 ° C to 60 ° C (which will be reached during the program).

Storing a Program

Click on Custom and display the program list choose the number of the program you want to edit and save, once the program has been selected click on Set PRG and set the parameters you want and return to the program list.

Check that the program shows the values you have set by clicking again on the set program and then start the program with START.

During the program you can stop it by clicking on STOP or put it in PAUSE. At the end of the process the display will indicate the process is complete.


The lid should never be opened during the execution of a program of polymerization. For this reason there are pause and stop keys on each screen. However the Cure M does have a system of Automatic emergency shut-off connected to the cover. In case of accidental opening of the cover the LEDs will stop working and a screen will appear alarm (see right).

If the LEDs do not switch off immediately remove the power to the oven and contact technical support. The Cure M also has a protection system to prevent overheating: in case of an excessive increase in temperature the oven will react by blocking every activity, the LEDs will stop working until the temperature drops to an acceptable level.

Wi-Fi Connection

To connect the product to your WIFI you have to place the product next to a PC with a WIFI connection. Click on the WIFI symbol located at the top right of the display.

On the display you will see the connection procedure. Click on start WIFI AP and from your PC access the Wifi network called “PhocentricCUREMWIFI”.

To connect the product to your Wifi line you have to place the product next to a PC with Wifi connection. Click on the Wifi symbol located at the top right of the display. When the connection is established, open the browser and go to the link:

Operating Conditions

Keep Cure M in a ventilated place away from sources of heat, away from flammable materials and liquids that may cause a safety risk. Keep the Cure M at least 20cm away from the wall. Do not obstruct in any way the pipes, their openings to the outside and the fans on the rear panel and on the bottom to avoid damaging the Cure M itself. Keep Cure M in an environment with temperatures of 18 °C to 28 ° C.


If the Cure M does not turn on, check that the power cord is inserted correctly in the power socket and in the plug in the rear panel.

Technical Inquiry

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