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Photocentric Cure L

Setting Up

1. Remove the outer packaging and recycle it.

Caution: Possible hazardous situation that could lead to mild injury to persons or damage to property.

This machine is 64 kgs (140 pounds) and we recommend that 2 persons move this machine to its final placement.

2. When the machine is positioned unpack the glass shelf and place it inside the unit resting it on the 6 support pads.

3. Locate the mains plug lead and plug it into the socket on the rear of the machine, push the plug in and twist to the right to engage the power.

Before starting your machine

This machine may only be connected to an electrical supply which has been installed in accordance with all relevant IEC regulations.

This machine has been developed to work on any power supply from 105v to 240v AC.

Never permanently connect this machine to the mains supply without an isolating switch.

Always check the mains cable for damage prior to use.

Only authorized persons may replace damaged cables to this machine.

Using the Cure L


1. On the front of the machine you will see the green on/off rocker switch (2) press it in at the bottom and it will light up turning the machine control circuits on.
The machine will not be operated if the door is open.

2. To start the UV cure program, twist the timer switch (7) fully clockwise, this will work for 2 hours (you can alter this time down to suit your own needs).
When the timer is ON a small red flashing light (5) is shown on the control panel, a yellow light (6) is indicated when the heater is working.

Temperature settings:
The machines temperature is factory set to a maximum of 65°c. If you wish to use a lower setting you can by pressing the set button on the temperature unit once, then pressing the down button you can set your machine to the desired working temperature. Depending on the country and voltage of your machine the heat-up time will vary from 5-25 minutes, to ensure accurate and precise curing you will need to wait until the temperature has reached the selected setting before loading the prints into the unit.


1. Open the door and using suitable heat resistant gloves place the print platform onto the hanging bracket (8). Close the door and reset the timer to 2 hours.


1. Open the door and using suitable heat resistant gloves remove the print platform from the hanging bracket and close the door to maintain the Cure L’s temperature.

2. If you are NOT going to place another printed part into the unit straightaway, do not close the door but you must leave the green switch on to allow the heating elements to cool down


Daily checks

Ensure that the inside of the machine is kept clean especially the glass covering the UV lights.

Check the condition of the door seal.

Check the mains cable.

Make sure that the vents on top of the machine are not covered over.

Danger: Risk of injury; unexpected start up and electrical shock. Always disconnect the mains power supply before commencing ANY cleaning or maintenance on this machine.


Machine fails to start:

Does the green switch light come ON?

If no, confirm that you have a working power supply. To do this check the fuse in the plug.

If the fuse in the plug is OK then you need to call an engineer

Machine has power but the heater fails to work

Check the fuse on the left-hand side of the machine (8 amp)

If the fuse is OK call an engineer.

Machine has power but the lights fail to come on

Check the fuse on the left-hand side (2 amp)

If the fuse is OK call an engineer.

Technical Inquiry

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