Photocentric Studio

Powerful and intuitive, Photocentric studio 3D software has been created to simplify the print experience.

Compatible with the majority of CAD files, Photocentric studio includes a suite of tools to support a variety of industries and applications. From novice to expert, studio delivers a user experience tailored to the knowledge of the operator.

Try before you buy

Modify, add support structures, use tools to make the most efficient use of the platform area and then control your machine from the software.

Rapid processing of large files and together with sophisticated features make this the software of choice for industry professionals.

Purchase now, or explore what Photocentric Studio 3D printer software has to offer by taking our free 30-day trial.

Minimum Computer Requirements

– Operating System Windows 7, 8 or 10
-Minimum 2.0 Ghz processor speed 2 cores. Recommended 4 cores
– GPU capable of opening opengl version 3.0 or higher. E.g Nvidia GEForce 1050 or higher

– .net framework version 4.0
– 64bit system: minimum 2GB of RAM, recommended 4GB
– 32bit system: minimum 1GB of RAM, recommended 2GB

You can run the software using macOS by using a Virtual Workstation with Windows installed on it.

Aided Productivity

  • Automatic detection of critical areas that need supporting.
  • Optimized Auto support generation algorithm to ensure successful print and to minimise software preparation time.
  • Automated batch processing and part nesting to maximise platform use.
  • Automatic and manual 3D model orientation, translation, scaling, copying and mirroring.
  • Models can be split and joined together.
  • Drain holes, hollowing and infill of models to reduce resin use.
  • Multi-level platform support for large print volumes.
  • Pre-set support profiles based on type of resins and parts geometry

High Level Print Quality

  • Our Liquid Crystal printers can deliver scanned resolutions greater than the pixel pitch of the screen because of our light engine and Studio’s application of anti-aliasing during the slicing phase.

  • Supplied with optimised printer settings and resin profiles.

Simplify Your Workflow

  • Import and export in different formats including stl, amf and obj.
  • Photocentric Studio 3D printer software Project files p3d, allow customers to reuse models and retain settings between sessions.
  • Presonalise your Studio user Interface.
  • Undo and redo facility assists editing.


Photocentric & CoreTechnologie – A Gamechanger for Additive Manufacturing

Photocentric and CoreTechnologie, a global leader in CAD solutions, have partnered to deliver an innovative Additive Manufacturing software suite exclusively for LC Magna users – Photocentric Additive.

The software enables LC Magna customers to transform their part design and production providing a multitude of additional design customisation options. Photocentric Additive is an innovative, powerful and feature-rich additive manufacturing software package, allowing users to upload and apply custom logos, textures (or choose from 5,000 pre-defined textures) and customer-ready finishes at speed. Photocentric Additive will also orient, add print supports and slice all common CAD formats and STL models with ease.

The software is ideal for use in a huge array of applications, including automotive interiors and parts, sports goods, eyewear, footwear, consumer goods and more.  Photocentric Additive supports lattice structures and creates new possibilities for the design community with a host of customisation options. A newly designed module – developed specifically for Photocentric with the SLA process in mind – creates support structures which enables a high level of automation.

If you would like more information about Photocentric Additive please contact us below.