We employ people from all the countries in the world, taking on men, women and different nationalities equally and without favoritism. We put effort into creating a happy working environment where everyone is treated with respect. Everyone who works at Photocentric is treated the same, regardless of who they are, their job title or seniority. By working together, we can achieve great things and enjoy considerable success. We believe there is always a better way of making our products. Photocentric Our Culture

Paul Anfinson

CEO Photocentric USA 3D

Paul started with Photocentric in 2019 with the task of establishing and running our North America 3D operations. He comes to us with a diverse history of overseeing companies both large and small in various industries and since 2014 has been deeply involved directing companies within the Additive Manufacturing world. Paul is driven to provide value to our clients that exceeds ​the needs of even the most demanding user and takes great pride in collaborating with companies to create outstanding business solutions while also providing the support needed to assure a customers success long after the initial sale. One of the exciting points about Additive Manufacturing is the unlimited amount of opportunities that can be addressed through technology, this is an area where Paul has been able to bring great value to the clients who have collaborated on projects with him. Being able to help clients achieve and exceed their goals and expectations is what excites and drives Paul’s daily functions.

Sarah Karmel

Head of R&D Chemistry

In 2017, I joined Photocentric as a Research Scientist, in order to develop novel resins for our 3D printers. I graduated in 2015 with my PhD from the group of Prof Moris S. Eisen at the Technion, Haifa, where I worked on the synthesis and application of actinide coordination complexes and their application in catalytic transformations. Afterwards, I joined the group of Prof Erwin Reisner at the University of Cambridge as a Blavatnik Postdoctoral Fellow to develop a photo-and electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction system to give ammonia, once of the most challenging organic transformations.

Currently, I lead our photopolymer resin development at Photocentric as head of the chemistry department. At Photocentric I found a place that encourages creativity and allows me to combine blue sky research with commercial applications. The open, creative and encouraging environment, as well as the engagement of the chemistry team, lead to a friendly and motivating environment. Challenges encountered are overcome with the help of the whole team and problems are solved in brainstorming sessions, encouraging scientific thinking.

Besides the development of new 3D printing resins, I also enjoy coordinating research projects with several academic institutions in the UK and abroad, as well as the research carried out by our PhD student at the University of Warwick.

I’m very happy to be able to work at the challenging and motivating environment at Photocentric with a great team of people.

Josh Riddick

3D Product Manager

I joined Photocentric in May 2018 to further develop the connections between Photocentric’s technical knowledge and customer bases. I was classically trained as a journalist at the university of Lincoln; it was during this time that I became fascinated with additive manufacturing and the future it was shaping, shortly after finished I joined Photocentric to pursue this passion.

I’ve found Photocentric to be a company filled with driven and ambitious individuals who all strive for the same goal of shaping the future of additive manufacturing. It is because of this varied group of people that I firmly believe that there is a job at Photocentric for anyone who is passionate and determined enough to achieve it.

Throughout my role I have become heavily invested in Photocentric’s vision for the future in 3D technology – a vision of custom mass manufacture. In my time here I have found a passion for additive 3D printing in myself that I never knew existed, every day I come to work with the drive and motivation to succeed in playing my part to shape the future of additive manufacturing.

As a 3D Product Manager my role involves me with teams across our range developing and implementing pioneering solutions to support both existing 3D products and the next generation of revolutionary printers including: LC Magna, LC Precision 2 and LC Maximus.

Hanifeh Zarezadeh

3D Materials Manager

I started working at Photocentric in the 3D Printing Department about two years ago. I have a BSc in Ceramic Materials Engineering and MSc in Nanomaterials engineering. My previous work experience was at Xaar Ltd and Loughborough University.

I have found Photocentric to be an ambitious place to work with a wide variety of opportunities available to all staff with employees being actively encouraged to learn new skills.

I joined as a Development Engineer working on particle enriched photopolymers and then I became interested in the development of our products for the jewellery industry. That led me to get involved in managing the development of a 3D printer for the Jewellery and Dental industries creating the Liquid Crystal Precision range. This has been the highlight of my career so far, I found a new talent that I didn’t know I had in project management and coordinating a team. Now, our particle enriched resins have been successfully tested and we are working with both universities and industries. You can follow our progress on our research page for Ceramic and Metal 3D Printing. After enjoying printer development management, I am now coordinating our team to launch a new generation of our largest format printer the Liquid Crystal Magna.

All of my career progress has happened because I have been lucky enough to work with an amazing team at Photocentric. We all enjoy the progressive and flexible environment which everyday allows individuals to grow and learn more.

Lisa Miles

UK Craft Sales Manager

I’ve been a part of the Photocentric Craft team for almost 2 years now. My previous experience was primarily within the Craft industry, as I am a passionate crafter myself this has been a natural career path for me. I’ve worked within multi-channel retail, including TV Shopping, and have experience in both product sourcing, development, marketing and sales on an international level.

My role here at Photocentric is to manage our Craft sales division, working to ensure we offer our customers an extremely high quality of both product and service, whilst working to develop and introduce new products to our offering, and subsequently deliver growth. At the heart of our Craft sector are our Photopolymer Craft Stamps, for which our manufacturing process has led to us winning a Queen’s Award. However, as a team we have applied our skills and expertise, and now offer other bespoke Craft products such as Stencils, Dies and Ephemera, with more on the way.

During my time at Photocentric, I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by a hard-working and enthusiastic team, who have helped me to develop my own knowledge and experience within manufacturing and product development. I work with customers throughout the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and beyond, and also work closely with the team at our facility in the USA. I’m looking forward to continuing my career journey within the innovative and passionate environment that Photocentric provides.

Mateusz Bączek

Production Coordinator & H&S Manager

I started working at Photocentric in 2013, a few months after I moved to the UK. I found myself in a completely new industry, way different to what I had been preparing for during my Internal Security course at University in Poland. My initial plan for life has changed.

Fortunately, I was in a good place at the right time surrounded by good people who supported me in this new situation. I found Photocentric to be a good place to work, a place full of opportunities, where dedication and hard work is rewarded.

During my employment at Photocentric I have been given a chance to progress from production operative, to a leader of a small team and now be in charge of 2D and 3D photopolymer production. Operating plants, training new people and coordinating production. I have also been given the chance to expand my qualifications and knowledge of H&S by taking part in IOSH and NEBOSH courses.

I truly enjoy working at Photocentric and I feel I am a part of the company. Currently I am involved in exciting projects, one of them is manufacturing 3D resin for the biggest chemical company in the world – BASF. I am looking forward to a new challenge. 

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