Photocentric Studio

Simple, Fast, Powerful

Photocentric Studio allows users to maximize their 3D print experience. Designed for the dental industry, Photocentric Studio software is the most efficient way to print dental models. The software comes with tools to place and adjust models, add support structures and print the optimum number of dental models per platform.

Intuitive Software Features

  • Compatible with dental files (exocad, 3shape & blenderfordental etc)
  • Automatic detection of critical areas requiring support
  • Automatic support generation and manual support editing
  • Automated batch processing and nesting to maximise platform
  • Automatic and manual 3D model orientation, translation, scaling, copying and mirroring.
  • Models can be split and joined together.
  • Drain holes, hollowing and infill of models to reduce excess resin
  • Multi-level platform support for large print volumes

Save Time, Improve Efficiency

Photocentric Studio allows users to personalise their interface and import and export in different formats including stl, amf and obj. Advanced tools enable you to edit the models and project files (p3d) provide users the ability to reuse models and retain settings between sessions speeding up your workflow.

Perpetual licenses for 2 devices supplied with the LC Magna and LC Dental printer. Additional licenses can be purchased below or download a free 30 day trial.

Photocentric are members of the Dyndrite Developer council which is driving the future of next generation additive software and hardware.

The council was formed to help evolve the Dyndrite platform, industry standards, and create seamless customer experiences by cross-leveraging tools that elevate the industry as a whole.