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“We are Quimbaya. An avant-garde company that fuses the beautiful trade of the Orfebreria* with 3D technology to produce exclusive jewelry” – Quimbaya Orfebreria

*Orfebreria – Goldsmithing

Located in the city of Mendiolaza Córdoba, Argentina, are Goldsmiths Quimbaya with their dedication to manufacturing unique jewelry; priding themselves on crafting special pieces for the needs of their customers in Argentina. In the heart of Quimbaya’s workshop lies a multidisciplinary team where the skill of the Goldsmith combines with engineering know how, allowing one-of-a-kind pieces to be crafted day in day out. Traditional limitations are no more, 3D printing technology now accompanies the hands of Quimbaya’s qualified craftsman, giving them the perfect blend of traditional methods with advanced technology to produce multiple pieces of great complexity and quality every day. Marcel Acrich, Juanma Romero and Nacho Romero welcome you to the “Fabulous World of Jewelry”

“We chose Photocentric’s printers because we believe that the price-performance ratio is excellent; Photocentric also know how to continue to evolve and develop extremely good 3D products for the industry. The level of detail achieved when manufacturing our unique jewelry is excellent with LC Precision 1.5. We can produce a large capacity of moulds in a short time thanks to its advanced technology.”

– Juanma Romero, Founder

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