Photocentric Innovator in Photopolymer, 3D Printing

Production Parts

We are no ordinary parts service.

We invented an autonomous industrial mass manufacturing process. As a chemical, machine and parts manufacturer, we use our integration to provide exceptional value, turning liquid into solid in a volume never before possible.


Eliminate excess inventory & supply bottlenecks.

Speed To Market

Produce parts in days rather than months.

High Volumes

Produce tens of thousands of parts a day.

Digital Surfacing

Texturing and coatings transform appearance.

No Tooling

Eliminate expensive injection moulds.

PCB Standoff – 6,000 parts

How do you get your parts?

Step 1

We discuss your requirements and design for additive manufacture.

Step 2

We select material properties and optimise the printing process.

Step 4

We manufacture your order and deliver it

Need Advice?

Talk to an expert.

From initial design through to despatch, we will advise on every part of the process. Our team have a huge amount of experience between them across CAD, Design For Additive, material and engineering sectors.



With significant experience gained in a variety of industries for large and small companies. Agustin touches every aspect of product development from chemistry, software, design and material science.


A wealth of knowledge gained over 25 years in polymers, 3D printing and manufacturing. Sally passionately believes in transforming industry with scalable and affordable Additive Manufacturing solutions.

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All parts guaranteed

Secure Files

Your IP and data is protected

Quality Assured

Rigorous quality control

USA Manufactured

All parts manufactured in the USA

Energy Efficient

All of our power comes from renewable sources

A Commitment to Quality

A considerable investment has been made on developing detailed quality control procedures to ISO9001:2015 throughout the production process to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.