UV LCD Dental Model


Dental Model photopolymer resins have been formulated to create detailed, high resolution dental models on the LC Dental 3D printer. The resins have been developed in conjunction with Dental Technologists to ensure an optimal color, feel, and working characteristics. Ideal for orthodontic, study and working models. The prints show minimal shrinkage with a tolerance of 50µm max deviation on a full arch. Printed dental parts exhibit extremely high tensile properties and hardness, allowing for their use as a working or a vacuum forming model. Dental model resins will provide excellent print performance on the LC Dental printer range, allowing you to print crisp and clean dental models.

Key Features:

  • High accuracy
  • Strong
  • Low shrinkage

Compatible Printer:

LC Dental


Resin Properties

Score out of 100 when compared to other resins from our range.

Hover over the properties to understand their meaning.

Tensile Strength

70 MPa



Young's Modulus

2800 MPa

Flexural Modulus

1700 MPa



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