Photocentric Face Shield x100


Pack of 100 Protective Face Shields.

Intended to protect the wearer from (human) aerosol generated particles, such as those from a cough. It is not designed to protect the wearer from physical damage or impact.

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1 - 9 $250.00
10 - 49 $240.00
50+ $230.00
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Intended use

• To protect the face from human aerosol generated particles, such as that from a cough, during treatment of patients.
• This face shield is intended as an addition to correct eye and respiratory protection.
• Ensure the face shield is securely fitted, comfortable and compatible with any other PPE being worn.
• Please store in a clean and dry environment.
Remove/replace the shield if:
• Contaminated
• At the end of the clinical procedure
• Before leaving the clinical area
• When removing, only handle the headband as this is least likely to be contaminated
• Cleaning after use is not recommended, and the face shield should be replaced if contaminated
• Dispose of used shields as clinical plastic waste

Packaging quantity
100 unassembled face shield components packed in a single cardboard box.


Shield separator, Elastic strap, PET shield

Assembly instructions

• Shield comes supplied separately in 3 components.
• Push elastic holes on to outermost pins of shield separator.
• Elastic strap can be adjusted to ensure comfortable fit. The excess can be cut by a sharp pair of scissors.
• Clip the PET shield over the 3 pins as shown
• Optionally, fold the edges of the shield back 30mm from the sides for greater side protection.


• Due to global shortages of supplies of elastic, some straps may contain Latex. The colour and size of the elastic may vary.
• Every effort has been made to manufacture and pack this product in a clean environment, however, we recommend that the product is disinfected and wiped clean prior to use.
• Shield film thickness may vary but will always be suitable for use.
• If you suffer from any irritation due to wearing this product, please cease usage and consult a medical practitioner.