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Photocentric Air Wash L + LC Opus Bracket


The new Air Wash L is designed to operate twenty-four-hours a day, and is ideal for supporting large-scale production. Its air agitation system cleans rapidly, with efficient and meticulous results when used in collaboration with our Photocentric resin cleaner. Air Wash L optimizes post-processing for LC Opus, as the bespoke design accommodates an two entire platforms and prints to sit comfortably inside.

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Using Air Agitation

90L, 20G wash unit

Increase throughput with 24/7 operation

Air Wash L is designed to run 24/7 in operation and does not require cool down periods in between

Plug and Play

Easy to setup

Streamline the process

Designed to hold the entire LC Magna platform and full X Y and Z build volume

A more thorough clean

Bubbles create direct contact with prints providing more thorough clean on complex parts

Clean in one process

Washes both printed parts and platform together

Technical Specifications

Printer Compatibility:

LC Magna


990.5 (H) x 400 (D) x 620 (W) mm
38.9 (H) x 15.7 (D) x 24.4 (W) in


90 litre (20 gallons)

Power Supply:

30 x 40kHz t 110v or 220v

Air Flow:

40 lt per minute @140 Mbar (2.3 psi)


56 kgs (124 lbs)

Bracket to support platform included with the unit.

3 months Warranty

Photocentric Resin cleaner only to be used with this product.


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