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Photocentric Additive- Modelling Tools Add-on


Full modelling tools including, offset surfaces, thickness checker, hollow and infill, backlash checking, meta- face, cut 2D, 3D, create plus and blend advance option.

Note: Photocentric Additive Standard package is require.

Note: Photocentric Additive Standard package is require.

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2D and 3D Cutting Parts

Components that are too large for the space of a machine, can be split with different patterns such as T-shape, dovetail or puzzle shape. In addition to the shape, the position of the splitting plane can be defined easily on the model. The functions then work automatically, creating two solid models that can be perfectly mated after printing. Please note that this functionality is only available in the additional modelling module.

Hollowing and Infill

To save material, the massive model can be hollowed for a user defined wall thickness at the push of a button. The hollowed models can be filled with different infill patterns of any size. The calculation using multiprocessors is extremely fast.

GPU Recommendation

Photocentric Additive uses VBOs for the 3D display. Thus it is necessary to use a GPU supporting at least OpenGL 4.0. Any GPU older than 2010 would not meet this criteria. We highly discourage to use Intel graphic card (embedded chipset). In the case of a server, a professional GPU is not required. A double GPU system is also not required. A minimum of 4GB of VRAM are required for the GPU.

Recommendations for a server

For a RDP connection to a server, the server must have one of the following GPU:

NVidia serie Pro (Quadro)

If these conditions are not respected, the GPU will not support the display.

Recommendations per manufacturer


≥ GeForceGT 540
≥ GeForce GTX 460
≥ Quadro 600


≥ ATI Radeon HD 5600
≥ AMD FirePro V7900
≥ AMD Radeon RX 480


≥ HD Graphics 4000



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