Slide Figurines & Miniatures Hobbyists, artists, gamers and manufacturers alike utilise the advantages of 3D printing to produce highly detailed printed miniatures. 3D printing enables the creativity of designers and artists to be brought to life in three dimensions. From global brands to individuals involved in fantasy gameplay, 3D printing transforms perceptions.

Slide Staples and Vine Customer Story Whilst all models are still hand-designed and manufactured by Sera Vine (founder of Staples & Vine) at their studio in Devon, Sera’s take on the entire process has changed through discovering new technologies. Staples & Vine’s vision is to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in the collectable modelling industry and innovate in the design and production stages. Staples and Vine chose to use LC Precision 1.5 and Daylight Precision Mould resin (developed to withstand the vulcanisation process) to make these stunningly realistic tanks. Explore

Slide Cost per model. 36 models on platform $1.75 Want to make larger models or a lot of figurines? The LC Magna with a massive 20.1 x 11 x 13.8" build platform allows you to really scale up model production, rivalling the detail delivered by the precision, but in industrial scale.

With layer resolutions down to just 25um, you don’t need to sacrifice detail to produce more models.
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Slide Developed specifically for model printing, our Concept Green resin has been formulated to bring the detail in the prints to the foreground. Delivering high strength, durability, and most importantly high accuracy with smooth finishes. Materials Model Materials