Wood cut-outs seem to find their way in craft and home décor stores, antique malls, specialty shops mass market and discount stores. Because they are plain and unfinished, a consumer can use other products in your line to color, paint, decorate and make it their own. It’s a nice way to add personalization to any room, space or project. MDF Home Décor

Slide Support 1) Your Artwork Design and submit your artwork Order Process Pricing available on request. Manufactured in our Phoenix, AZ facility. Once a purchase order is received, your product will be ready to ship within 10-12 business days. 3) Place your order Inquire Today Artwork is proofed and approved. We then run a sample for your review and testing. Our MDF is compressed wood cut to spec. It is 1/8” thick. We give you a 12” x 24” platform from which to cut your designs. You can have as little as one design to cut or as many as you can fit into the 12” x 24” area. The price is the same. Minimum order is 10 sheets of the 12” x 24” MDF compressed wood. 2) Artwork Approval