3D Materials We invented daylight curing photopolymers for 3D printing and hold numerous patents in the field. Using daylight (460nm) light. We have also created and manufactured a complete range of resins to support 3rd party 3D printers. Our aim is to offer considerably better value and demonstrably better material properties

Ultracur3D® EPD1006 Powered by Photocentric is the first in a new portfolio of 3D printing resins developed in partnership with BASF. This durable resin is perfect for creating functional parts capable of movement and flexibility without breaking where required.

Dental Model

Accurate, high resolution models especially for dental work can be created using our Dental Model resin. Ideal for Orthodontic, study, and working models and created in collaboration with Dental Technologists to ensure optimal color, feel and working characteristics.

Dental Castable

Our Precision Dental Castable is ideal for creating highly accurate castable items such as crowns, bridges and partial denture bases. The resin has been formulated to burn evenly at regularly increasing temperature stages to reduce gas pressure in the cast and provide almost no ash content.


Our Durable resin is ideal for 3d printing durable, strong objects that can be bent without breaking. Thick objects are stiff but can be made to bend and flex under strain and will return to their original shape. Can be used for the fabrication of functional parts requiring a higher impact strength and durability.


Our Model resin has been developed to specifically enable prototyping highly detailed objects, such as figurines and jewelry models. The printed parts can be easily painted and have a dry and smooth surface finish.


Our Translucent is specially formulated for making objects with high tensile strength and hardness, fast. The resin is optimized for mass manufacture, being both very fast to print and fast to post expose, delivering a dry surface finish. Translucent can be printed at up to 350 µm layers (geometry dependent)


Our Precision Mould is ideal for the creation of silicone rubber molds with high resolution. Parts can withstand temperatures of up to 356°F and the pressure created in vulcanization. Parts exhibit high strength and smooth surfaces.


Our Castable creates highly accurate jewelry parts for investment casting. Printed parts exhibit fine detail and provide smooth, crisp finish on the cast parts. Virtually no ash or residue and limited expansion.


Our Concept resin brings digital model figurines to life. Jewelry prototypes or detailed figurines will be strong, durable and have finely detailed smooth surfaces. Printed prints can be painted.

High Tensile

Our High Tensile resin is ideal for making objects with high tensile strength and hardness. Objects cannot be bent or compressed easily and will withstand considerable force without deflection.


Our Poliglass has been formulated to make parts that resemble glass. They will have a smooth surface finish and high transparency. In order to achieve a glossy surface finish, we recommend spraying with clear lacquer after post processing.


Our Hard resin will make parts exhibiting crisp detail, high stiffness and high hardness. Parts won’t deform when pressure is applied. Ideal resin for large parts.


Our Firm resin creates parts that hold their shape while also being able to bend and flex slightly without snapping. Resin delivers mechanical properties similar to polypropylene.


Our Tough resin will make extremely durable and resilient parts that are strong, rigid and capable of bending and flexing without cracking. The 3D printed objects can deflected using force, but will return to their original shape afterwards.


Our Flexible resin produces soft, flexible parts. Objects can be stretched without snapping or breaking. Lattice or hollow structures can be squashed and will return to their original shape afterwards.

Skin Safe

Our Skin Safe resin is one of the first completely label-free resins for 3D printing. It is non-toxic, non-irritant and doesn’t cause allergic reactions. It is perfect for the education sector, allowing children to safely learn about 3D printing. Final parts are dry to touch, firm, smooth and have high detail.

High Temperature

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Our High Temperature Resin displays an extremely high heat deflection temperature (HDT), making it ideal for use in high temperature applications, such as plastic injection molding. It’s high tensile strength, accompanied by the high Young’s modulus, ensures durability throughout the printed product’s life cycle.

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