LC Magna

Enabling high volume of printed parts

Designed for custom mass manufacture and large component 3D printing. From dentistry to industrial product design and manufacture, the LC Magna’s 23.8” LCD screen and 20.1 x 11 x 13.8″ build volume manages to create both very large objects and incredible detail on small ones. Delivering print results previously impossible using traditional manufacturing techniques.

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Manufactured in the Uk

Largest LCD 3D printer

Increase throughput with a build volume of  20.1 x 11 x 13.8″

Rapid printing speeds

13.3mm per hour enabling large volumes of parts to be printed quickly.

Printed at 100μm

Highly accurate

4K LCD screen ensuring accuracy across the entire platform

Professional, reliable plug-n-play technology

Built to deliver consistent results over time LC Magna is manufactured in the UK using the highest engineered materials possible, setting new standards in printer quality and reliability.

1) Quick Release Clamps

Designed to enhance user experience the vat clamps make it easier to lock the resin vat in place.

2) Vat

Built in handles, pouring spouts and etched depth gauge enhance user experience and reduce wastage.

3) 4K Ultra High Definition Display

Delivers accuracy previously unachievable with large format (SLA) print solutions. xy pixel pitch of 137 micron will deliver higher resolution due to benefits of anti-aliasing. Scanned accuracy of +/- 100 microns can be obtained across the bed.

4) Large Build Volume

20.1 x 11 x 13.8″ is the largest commercially available LCD 3D printer. LC Magna suits a variety of applications and different industries.

5) Peel Release Technology

Our patented blow-peel technology all but eliminates the forces that come into play with large build volumes and has been stress tested with the most demanding 15Kg solid builds.

6) GUI

The 7″ touch screen interactive interface gives full functionality and real time user information on print status and function. Network/Wi-Fi connectivity built in.

LC Magna’s large build volume and high-resolution screen delivers the optimal large format printing experience

The LC Magna 3D printer offers large scale production at a fraction of the cost of alternative manufacturing methods and utilizes high quality materials. Our 3D printing resin portfolio has been optimized and because we manufacture everything from the building-blocks upwards, we can provide the most cost-effective model costs.



Electronic housings (375 parts in total – 3 parts per housing)
Accuracy- 100μm (Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm)
Print Time- 4 hrs
Weight- 1.01kg
Material- Daylight Magna Hard
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Hoover Attachments (67 parts on platform)
Accuracy- 100μm (Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm)
Print Time- 9 hrs 30 mins
Weight- 1.82kg (19% supports)
Material- Daylight Magna Durable
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Dental model (48 per platform)
Accuracy- 100μm (Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm)
Print Time- 90 minutes
Weight- 576g (12g per arch)
Material- Daylight Magna Dental
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Glasses (36 per platform)
Accuracy- 100μm (Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm)
Print Time- 3 hours
Weight- 500g (13.8g per glasses)
Material- Daylight Magna Hard
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Motorbike engine parts
Accuracy- 100μm (Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm)
Print Time- 15 hrs
Weight- 3kg
Material- Daylight Magna High Tensile
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Accuracy- 100μm (Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm)
Print Time- 9 hrs 10 mins
Weight- 391g
Material- Daylight Magna Translucent
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Model Figurines
Accuracy- 100μm (Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm)
Print Time- 18 hrs
Weight- 750g
Material- Daylight Magna Concept
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Easy and simple workflow

1. CAD files are loaded into Photocentric Studio and prepared for printing with a few clicks. 

2. Simple printer set up to convert files into physical dental models’ layer by layer.

3. Printed parts are washed removing excess resin.

4. Parts are cured and ready for use.

Powerful and intuitive software

Compatible with the majority of file formats such as stl, amf and obj. Photocentric Studio gives you the tools to easily prepare your print files.

Perfect finish to your prints

Our specialised wash and cure process delivers optimised properties maintaining accuracy and consistency.

Learn how LC Magna is changing the way companies operate with 3D Printing.

Smilelign & S4S
Aligner Manufacturer

Smilelign and S4S are major players in the dental aligners in the UK. They had tried almost every manufacturer of 3D printers to meet their requirements for reliability before deciding upon Magna.

Mouthguard Manufacturer

Opro are the world’s largest custom mouthguard manufacturer, they needed to digitise their model manufacturing process so they switched over to Magna’s increased production and took cost out.

Orthotic Manufacturer

The powerful alliance of Xkelet and Photocentric has seen the creation of an advanced solution to traditional orthotics; one which is revolutionising the treatment of damaged bones

3D Next Level
Art Specialists

3D Next level is a business that focuses on creating large-scale pieces for art applications using additive manufacturing technologies to create investment casting patterns..

As part of our on-going operation at eXceed, we routinely test printed models from new 3D printers to ensure compatibility with our aligner-design process. We have recently tested 3D prints produced by the Photocentric Magna and were thoroughly impressed with their accuracy and quality, when measured against our standard calibration models. The Magna models ranked very high amongst all printed 3D arches we have ever experimented with.

Nir Danai

Sales & Marketing, eXceed