Office Stamps

imagepac Xtra

The world’s first photopolymer pack and the most efficient way to make polymer stamps.

What is imagepac Xtra?

In 2002 we created the world’s first photopolymer pack for stamp making. Over the years we have developed it into the most efficient way to make polymer stamps possible. We called it imagepac and this self-contained, ready-to use pouch has revolutionised stamp making over the last 15 years.

Pouring bottled resin in comparison to imagepac xtra

It is a simple idea that makes such a big difference. Using only the resin you want, pre-poured and optimized in a package just right for your application. It eliminates numerous steps from the traditional stamp making process.

  • Improves quality delivering consistent production with less stamp to stamp variation.
  • Lower cost with less waste and less labor.
  • Increased capacity by doubling machine utilization.
  • Simpler process making it easy to delegate the process to other staff.
  • Less ancillaries to stock control replacing polymer, backing sheet, damming tape and coverlay.
  • Faster saving on average 10 min per plate.
  • Cleaner as there is no spill, no pouring required.


It is a package of the latest technology 50 durometer photopolymer in a pouch with an integrated backing substrate to provide rigidity in the manufacturing and assembly process. It is optimized for making office stamps and delivers perfect quality, reliably.

Watch the comparison below.


Hardness: 50 shore A
Colors: Clear and Red
Plate thickness: 2.30mm and 2.55mm
Formats: A4, A5, A6 A7 and A8
Ink compatibility: water, oil and glycol based
Processing: Water and soap. Under-water post exposure.

Currently supplied from the UK