Our vision for a clearer future

3D printing has revolutionised the way in which eyewear is being created. There is now newfound freedom to design frames for all occasions. In a world where you do not need to worry about stock risks and extortionate set up costs, 3D printing allows fast fashion and on-demand manufacturing to exist in harmony.

3D printing enables eyewear manufacturers to get creative, opening opportunities for distinctive shapes and styles, newly developed functionality and constant customisation along the way. 3D printing ensures no two collections are the same.

Most importantly, 3D printing enables eyewear manufacturers to put their own brand in focus, allowing them to stand out from the crowd, with their own look and feel.

Putting you in the frame

The eyewear industry is growing and at Photocentric we are constantly updating our processes to keep up with the trends. From design to production, we are with you every step of the way, continuously keeping an eye on the needs of your brand. Collaborating to create the required look and assisting throughout to scale up production.

Eyewear process

1) Scan

For uniquely designed frames, customer anatomy is scanned to assess requirements. Alternatively, generic files are created to suit mass profiles.

2) Design

The data is then imported into the CAD software, the lenses are then virtually formed and designed. Eyewear is now configured.

3) Print

The eyewear frame data is then sent to the Photocentric printer, and the parts are generated.

4) Post Processing

The eyewear frames are now washed, dried and curated via the easy-to-use dedicated Photocentric wash and cure units.

5) Finishing

The frames are then finished with different textures as required by the customer. They can also go through colouring, coating and polishing processes.

6) Final Assembly

Finally, the frames are checked, assembled, packaged and are ready to be issued to the customer.

Grow Your Business

The major cost benefit of Additive Manufacturing is time. Production days lost to waiting for tooling accounts for 1,000’s. Costs can be reduced against volume and we can operate on a Pay Per Part costing. 

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