Slide LC Magna Powerhouse for dental aligner production Explore Capable of making hundreds of parts per day and 48 models in a single print run, LC Magna represents the future of large-scale dental production.

Slide LC Dental Our first dedicated dental printer Explore Designed solely with dental practitioners in mind, the sleek monochrome design is ideal for die models, aligners, crowns, bridges and surgical guides.

3D Printing with LCD Screens. The Concept we invented.

Our 3D printers with their innovative LCD technology and patented daylight curing resins, create accurate dental prints quickly and reliably, providing incomparable value.

Backlit LCD Screen

Daylight Resin 460μm

48 Printed Aligners

High quality materials

As innovators in the construction of photopolymers, our chemists have optimised formulations to deliver optimal properties for the dental lab. By manufacturing everything here in our own facility in the UK, we control quality and by being vertically integrated, we deliver outstanding value.


Die Models

Crown & Bridge

Smilelign and S4S are a major manufacturer of dental aligners in the UK. They had tried almost every manufacturer of 3D printers to meet their requirements for reliability before deciding upon Magna, read here why they made that decision. Customer Story Explore Smilelign & S4S

Slide Opro is the world's largest custom mouthguard manufacturer, they needed to digitise their model manufacturing process, so they switched over to Magna's, increased production and took cost out, read here how they did it. Customer Story Explore Opro

Slide Bridge Dental Laboratory were experiencing a rapid growth in demand for their clear aligners. In late 2019 they purchased their first Magna and began repeatable mass manufacture of models, read how they made the transition. Customer Story Explore Bridge Dental

We partner with dental key opinion leaders around the world. In the UK we collaborate with Andrew Wheeler, owner of a dental laboratory. Andrew has worked with us on beta testing our Liquid Crystal Dental printer and resins. Dental Advisors

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