The dental industry, one of the earliest adopters of additive manufacturing, has long leveraged the benefits of 3D printing.
From printing dental models for aligner manufacture, to bio compatible materials for surgical guides and splints, the speed and accuracy of 3D has evolved in part due to involvement with dentistry.
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Slide LCD Screen Daylight Resin
Printed Dental Model Download Cost Breakdown picture_as_pdf At the very heart of the LC Magna is a 4k LCD screen. Our LCD technology and patented daylight curing method, strips the high cost from our machines and delivers unprecedented speed and accuracy. Using LCD screens rather than expensive (and slow) Lasers as a curing method, or DLP projectors that require calibration, allows us to pass on the saving directly to our end users. The competitive price of LC Magna removes the cost barrier to entry and our material development (resin) in house delivers an ongoing low cost model. We work with aligner laboratories world wide to validate our model. The link below from a partner in Latin America breaks down the capex investment, resin use, and labor to deliver a price of just $1.43 per model. Value of LC Magna Explore LC Magna

Slide Customer Story Bridge Dental Laboratory were experiencing a rapid growth in demand for their clear dental aligners. Bridge had already digitalized their manufacturing process but were experiencing a high level of errors and rejects. In late 2019 they purchased their first Liquid Crystal Magna and made the transition to the repeatable mass manufacture of dental models. They never looked back!

Founder of Bridge Dental Laboratory Daryl Wheeler said: “Before integrating LC Magna into our workflow, we were using two Form2 3D printers to produce 40 models a day. In a single print run on Magna we can print up to 48 models in little over an hour – this has transformed our day to day operation. Handling time and operations involved have reduced by at least 50%”
Bridge Dental Laboratory Explore

As part of our on-going operation at eXceed, we routinely test printed models from new 3D printers to ensure compatibility with our aligner-design process. We have recently tested 3D prints produced by the Photocentric Magna and were thoroughly impressed with their accuracy and quality, when measured against our standard calibration models. The Magna models ranked very high amongst all printed 3D arches we have ever experimented with.

Nir Danai

Sales & Marketing, eXceed

Watch picture_as_pdf Dental Model Manufacture View Guide The global aligner market has grown exponentially. The largest labs in this space now produce 000’s of models daily to manage demand. LC Magna has proven to deliver volume and accuracy at a scale previously unknown to the industry, providing laboratories with a turnkey solution (software, printer and compatible resins) to quickly turn impressions to dental models. Flat on the platform, Magna is able to print up to 48 models in a little over a hour at a cost of just £1.02 per arch (amortizing hardware/resin/labor).

We have produced both a video, and guide to walk through the batch processing of dental models:
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Slide Since 2002, we have been at the cutting edge of innovations in Photopolymer. Our in house team of Chemists work on developing resins that achieve the material properties our partners require for their applications. Working closely with our 3D engineers, our resin portfolio has been extensively tested on our print hardware before released for general sale. With manufacture of resins also taking place in our factory in Peterborough, we are able to deliver ongoing value on resin compared to 3rd party materials, translating to a lower cost per print/model. Material Development

Slide We understand the dental industry and the importance that accuracy plays in selecting print hardware and resin/materials. Our print optimisation team work closely with our dental advisors – more below) to ensure print results exceed the tolerances identified by application. Every sample produced in house is scanned and a report issued detailing accuracy. We benchmark our printers against alternative branded hardware in the market to ensure that we remain the gold standard 3D print solution for dental applications. Accuracy

Slide Built around one of the world’s first custom monochrome screens, the LC Dental is the first in a planned roadmap of custom dental solutions. Curing at 405nm, the LC Dental is also the first in our assortment of open source printers. Recognizing industry requirements extend beyond the current reach of our own resin portfolio, the LC Dental can be used with 3rd party materials. In practice, this means access to our low cost resin for standard dental applications (models, castable materials) and Bio/Specialist resin from GC, Whipmix and others. LC Dental – Our first Dental Specific Printer Explore LC Dental

Working closely with external industry experts, we put our printers and resins through rigorous testing in advance of general release. Understanding the requirements of dental applications through hands on testing with industry experts allows us to release printers and resins that we know deliver reliable, accurate and scalable prints.

In the UK we work with Andrew Wheeler (image), owner of a dental laboratory in the south of England. Andrew has most recently worked with us on bench testing the new LC Dental printer across a variety of dental applications. Together with our external partners, we are determined to provide not only a best in class printer solution but also an assortment of resins that deliver the material properties our partners look for and expect.
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