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Our Aligner Offer

To assist aligner customers in establishing an automated, low-cost, high quality, large volume aligner manufacturing resource, we have created an efficient production process for making large volume aligners and aligner models.

Utilizing the capabilities of our LC Magna printer and implementing innovative processes we have created a dedicated aligner manufacturing facility that offers a large volume/low-cost sales model.

The LCD is the most effective large volume printing mechanism for making aligners, and combined with our purpose-developed printing materials, we guarantee a powerful tool for aligner manufacturers.

At Photocentric, we manufacture both the materials and the printers, which enables us to pass on cost savings and reduce costs for customers.

A Legacy of Innovation

Photocentric has been supplying aligner manufacturers with 3D printing solutions and high-performance dental materials since 2018. Empowering businesses around the globe, our solutions produce thousands of models every day.

The Present

  • Our in-house team of design engineers are continuously optimising every stage of the aligner process including exhaustive 24/7 trials in our dedicated aligner development facility.
  • The team are developing a high-speed curing process with the aim of reducing post cure time by 90%
  • The optimisation of part cleaning with the objective of removing the wash/rinse process entirely.
  • Developing ‘on-platform’ vacuum thermoforming.

The future

We are opening a brand-new dedicated manufacturing facility in December 2021. This new state of art 8,000m² facility has been designed solely to mass manufacture 3D printed parts. The facility will host all of our printers and processing lines and will contain a dedicated area to house our vision of future aligner manufacture.

Developing an automated mass-manufacturing process

We work in conjunction with our partners to create an optimized automated process that is simple, reliable and cost effective, with the capabilities to manufacture 10s of thousands of aligners a day.

The Automated Process

1) We add required Magna printers to the line to produce the numbers of models required

2) Software auto-allocates models to platforms pre-checking them beforehand

3) Files are loaded and printed in their pre-determined sequence

4) Printed platforms are removed

5) Resin is automatically emptied and refilled

6) Removed platforms are placed in centrifuge to reclaim excess resin

7) Platforms are rapidly washed in Air Wash with environmentally friendly solvent

8) Platforms are placed in conveyor for high-speed curing

9) Platforms are placed in thermoformer, pulling down entire platform of models instantaneously

10) Platform is placed into the laser & CNC station, etched with code and cut

11) Aligners are removed and placed in tumbler

12) Platform is thermally shocked to remove models, checked and is ready for next available print

13) Protective film is removed, aligners are scanned, and customer documentation despatched

14) Aligner system updates to your accounts system offering live order progress

Grow Your Business

The major cost benefit of Additive Manufacturing is time. Production days lost to waiting for tooling accounts for 1,000’s. Costs can be reduced against volume and we can operate on a Pay Per Part costing. We can supply models or aligners direct.

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