Slide 2-step post process Ensuring professional reliable results with every print. Complete 3D printing dental solution with our wash and cure units designed for LC Dental and LC Magna.

Step 1

Post exposing on the platform maintains dimensional accuracy. Transfer the platform to your Photocentric Wash unit.

Step 2

Once clean transfer to Photocentric Cure. Once cured parts are ready to use.

Dedicated wash and cure units designed to complement LC Dental.

Photocentric Wash 15 unit is ideal for removing resin from detailed dental models. Coupled with our Photocentric resin cleaner which is formulated to give superior results and mark free finishes compared to conventional cleaners. Our Cure M+ optimises strengthening and drying of models to maximise material properties and complete the process.

Minute clean cycle

Minutes to cure full platform

Post processing large volumes of dental prints.

New Air Wash L is ideal for large production. Its air penetration system cleans quickly and thoroughly when used with our new resin cleaner. The Cure L2 will take a full Magna platform and cure it effectively with both light and heat. The perfect solution for continuous large volume production.

Air Wash L available end of September 2020

Minute clean cycle

Minutes to cure full platform