Brentwood, New York is home to Long Island Racing, an automotive manufacturer specialising in sport bike parts. At the start of this year they couldn’t have imagined the new direction the business would take. Fabricating velocity stacks for sport bikes was their primary focus for 2020, and, in January the LI Racing team acquired their first 3D printer – the LC Magna, one of the largest LCD 3D printers in the world. LC Magna’s affordable package, large build volume and 4K LCD screen deliver accuracy unachievable with other large format (SLA) print solutions, determining their choice.

Then the world changed overnight. Amid the spread of COVID-19 New York like many other cities experienced the sudden and devastating effects of the global pandemic. Hospitals and public services suffered severe shortages of PPE required to keep their staff safe.

With an advanced 3D printer at their immediate disposal, LI Racing swiftly adapted their business with impressive speed and innovative thinking to help manufacture protective wear for the local community.  Today, the LI Racing M1 mask is providing thousands of first responders with the protective wear they need to stay safe during COVID-19.