Photocentric Innovator in Photopolymer, 3D Printing

Clear Stamps

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, we’re the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturer of custom Photopolymer clear stamps in North America. We specialize in not only offering a superior product, but also in providing all our customers around the globe with fantastic service and support.


Stencils are used in a variety of industries for many things. The DIY home project and paper craft community focuses on the ability to use stencils to layer material with inks, paints, water colors, stamps, markers, chalk, misters and other mediums.

Paper Packs

We have the ability to make a variety of paper products including but not limited to special packaging options. We use our white paper which we color to your specs by toner cartridge.


Add Ephemera to your existing product range! Our custom laser cut Ephemera offers fine detail and smooth edges on high quality cardstock.