Chipboard Die Cuts Use for many DIY projects such as ornaments, gift tags, place cards for that special occasion, name tags, home décor pieces, scrapbook page enhancements, school projects or fun things for the kids. They are a great way to add dimension and depth to any project.

Perfection2 We use a 5.825” x 5.825” artwork template from which we cut as many shapes and designs as you’d like. The cut pieces are then dropped into a hanging bag with a two-sided color printed 3.25" x 5" insert header card. Artwork is proofed and approved. We then run a sample for your review and testing. It’s an inexpensive product that enhances any project without the need for expensive dies or cutting tools. It can offer the consumer a quick an easy way to have intricate die cuts made from thick chipboard without having to do the work to get them. The designs are up to you and how they are decorated is up to the end-user. Order Process Design and submit your artwork Once a purchase order is received, your product will be ready to ship within 10-12 business days. Pricing available upon request.

Minimum order quantity is 96 packs. Orders must be in multiples of 8.
Made in our Phoenix, AZ facility.

Material composition is 35pt. chipboard. (Similar thickness to a credit card)
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