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Case studies

Learn how our technology, in operation in over 40 countries, is changing the way companies operate:

Crack Eraser
Windshield repair business

The 3D Printing Store (3DPS) has used Photocentric’s LC Magna to manufacture a custom drill collet, making windshield repair easier and more efficient than ever before. Photocentric partner 3DPS was approached by Tim Evans and his company Crack Eraser.

Micron Sprayers
Agricultural spray manufacturer

Our UK partner 3D GBIRE and Micron Sprayers, a leading manufacturer of specialist agricultural sprayers, produced this video, showing how Micron moved from FDM printing to custom mass manufacturing with the Liquid Crystal Magna.

3D Printing Bureau

In Germany, cirp, a 3D Printing Bureau were approached by, a specialist online model railway retailer that offers service and a wide range of spares and accessories to model railway enthusiasts. Learn how they used Liquid Crystal Magna

Laundry manufacturer

Girbau, a manufacturer of equipment for laundry services, sought to improve the efficiency of their folding machines. They optimised the air flow with Photocentic’s advice on design for additive and delivered a product improvement cost-effectively with the Liquid Crystal Magna.

3D w praktyce
Photocentric partner

As an homage to this classic game, 3D w praktyce were tasked with creating a short stop-frame animation. For this animation, a 3D print-ready file of the character Rockford was created using Photocentric Studio which was then printed on the LC Magna.

Phone Skope
Digiscoping manufacturer

Phone Skope is a US manufacturer of precision engineered adaptors for almost any smartphone and has adopted the Liquid Crystal Magna as the solution to making lots of its custom-moulded digiscoping adaptors.

Aligner Manufacturer

Photocentric has been working with Ukrainian aligner experts, Usmih, to help them develop an innovative aligner manufacturing process that pushes the boundaries of what 3D can offer the dental industry in both throughput and cost.

Badge Manufacturer

Badgemaster, a British badge manufacturer needed 30,000 badges urgently, so we worked with them to print a new reusable name badge for a major high street retailer thanks to our farm of Liquid Crystal Magnas. 

Smilelign & S4S
Aligner manufacturer

Smilelign and S4S, major players in the UK dental aligner market, had tried almost every manufacturer of 3D printers to meet their requirements for both reliability and productivity before deciding upon Liquid Crystal Magna.

3D Next Level
Art specialists

3D Next level is a business that creates large-scale pieces for art applications using additive manufacturing technologies to create investment casting patterns for art pieces and transformed their business with the Liquid Crystal Magna.

Aligner manufacturer

SouSmile is Brazil’s largest direct to consumer invisible aligner company with a presence in 30 cities, they invested in a trio of Photocentric Liquid Crystal Magna 3D printers to produce their dental aligners in scale.


Photocentric supplied millions of printed face shields to the NHS at a time of national need. We did it in weeks by making a purpose-built factory housing 45 Magna printers, operating 24/7. We made 50,000 parts every day. 1 million a month, using 1 tonne of resin a day.

Orthotic manufacturer

The powerful alliance of Xkelet and Photocentric has created a new solution to traditional orthotics; a digital 3D printed splint that provides significant benefits over traditional methods and is revolutionising the treatment of damaged bones.

K Line
Aligner manufacturer

K Line are established users of 3D printing technology, but as their demand increased, so too has the need for a more reliable and faster process. Learn how they have incorporated Liquid Crystal Magna into their production line.

Mouthguard manufacturer

Opro are the world’s leading custom mouthguard manufacturer, they needed to digitise their model manufacturing process and switched over to Magna’s to increase production and take cost out.

LI Racing
Automotive manufacturer

LI Racing, is a US automotive manufacturer who transformed their business by using Liquid Crystal Magnas to manufacture M1 respirator masks for first responders.

Bridge Dental Laboratory
Dental laboratory

Bridge Dental were experiencing rapid growth in demand for their clear aligners. In late 2019 they purchased their first Magna and began repeatable mass manufacture of models and went on from there.

Quimbaya Orfebreria
Jewellery goldsmiths

By using 3D printing, Quimbaya Orfebreria scaled up their production by 400%, reduced manufacturing time by 80% and introduced many new complex designs into their exclusive jewellery collections.

Orzol Studio
Collectable model wargame manufacturer

Orzol Studio used our 3D printing solution to enable them to make lots of collectable wargame items. Orzol offer high-detail replicas of their figurine battle designs in volume using Photocentric printers

Staples and Vine
Model manufacturer

Discover how military collectable manufacturer Staples & Vine overcame production challenges with the adoption of Photocentric’s 3D printing processes.