LC Magna

Powerhouse for mass manufacture

With the largest LCD screen in any commercially available 3D printer, the combination of large build volume and reliability offers the perfect solution for mass manufacturing.

Creating the Magna Print Farm

The next phase of our mass manufacture journey

To supply 7.7 million shields to the NHS, we have designed and installed a purpose-built factory currently housing 45 Magna printers. We are making over 50,000 3D printed components every day.

3D Printing Resin

High Quality Materials

Our resin portfolio has been optimised from the building-blocks upwards, providing the most cost-effective solution. We develop resins for our own printer range as well as 3rd party printers.

Functional Materials

Delivering the next generation

Photocentric and BASF are working in partnership to develop new functional photopolymers, delivering the properties necessary to make industrial items, at costs acceptable for mass replication.

3D printing with LCD screens

The concept we invented

Our approach

Problems we have addressed

1. Linear Drive  |  2. LCD Screen  |  3. Build Platform  |  4.  Polymer Vat 
5. Near collimated UV or visible light


Printing is slow 4cm in 4 hours. Laser, inkjets and digital light projectors only harden tiny areas

Printers and Materials are expensive. Manufacturers profiteering. Technology is more expensive to make. 

Parts don’t work. Materials aren’t functional.

How we are changing it?

LCD’s uniquely expose the entire area simultaneously.

LCD screens are the lowest cost digital image device ever. We manufacture materials, most 3D companies only make machines

We have the strongest chemical knowledge in 3D photopolymers. With BASF we are making new chemistry to make real parts

LC Dental

Our first dedicated dental 3D printer

Designed solely with dental practitioners in mind, the sleek monochrome design is ideal for die models, aligners, crown & bridge and surgical guides.

LC Maximus

Industrial scale and performance

Maximus delivers industrial scale 3D Printing at a fraction of the price of conventional print hardware.

Photocentric Printing Batteries Research into LCD screen 3D Printing of photopolymers

Supplying and powering production at: