3D printing materials for industrial applications

Photocentric manufacture a wide range of 3D printing materials for use in everyday life. Providing actual beneficial materials for product design, prototyping, engineering and manufacturing for the masses, not just the few.

These 3D printing materials offer a combination of mechanical characteristics to support the industrial manufacturing of a range of relevant parts for the real world.

With the vast knowledge of our in-house team of chemists, coupled with our experience of building our own 3D printers we know what is required to make the best performing resins.

As well as developing resins for our own award-winning 3D printers we also have a range of resins that are compatible with other leading printer manufacturers including Asiga, Envisiontec, Flashforge, Formlabs, Peopoly and SprintRay.

If you have been searching for 3D printing materials to support your venture, then view our range of resins for all requirements.

From daylight dental 3D printing materials to UV crystal clear resins, we have a material to suit.

Temperature Resistant

The Photocentric HighTemp 400DL 3D printer resin can handle temperatures of up to 446°F without bending or deforming. Simulating the strength and rigidity of glass filled Nylon 6.

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Increased Flexibility

The Photocentric flexible 3D printing resins produce soft, flexible parts. Objects can be stretched without snapping or breaking. Lattice or hollow structures can be squashed and will return to their original shape.

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Crystal Clear

The Photocentric Crystal Clear resin has been specifically developed to allow the fabrication of extremely clear objects with a smooth, shiny surface finish and make for a perfect 3D printing material.

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The Photocentric castable 3D printing resins are perfect for creating highly accurate jewellery parts for investment casting. Printed parts exhibit fine detail and provide a smooth, crisp finish on the cast parts.

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The Photocentric durable range of 3D printing materials is the most versatile material we manufacture. Resisting impact, compression, bending, and stress fatigue without breaking or deforming.

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Highly Accurate Dental Models

The Photocentric dental model resin range creates accurate, high resolution models and is ideal for orthodontic, study and working models. This resin has been developed in conjunction with dental technologists.

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Fine Details

The Photocentric range of model making 3D printing materials has been formulated for printing detailed figurines with a smooth finish and possesses a high tensile strength and durability.

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The Photocentric Hard resin range is a rigid, durable and long-lasting 3D printing material which guarantees parts display the finest details possible. Parts will not deform when pressure is applied.

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Rapid Prototyping

The Photocentric range of Draft resin is our fastest printing resin yet. Specifically designed to allow for detailed, large parts to be printed in shorter times for rapid prototyping and production.

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Material Range

Printer Compatibility Guide

Resin Type

Daylight Magna

Daylight Precision

Daylight Pro



UV Laser


Compatible Printers

LC Magna

LC Precision/1.5

LC Pro

LC 10″, LCHR/HR2

LC Dental, MoonRay, Asiga, Envisontec, Flashforge and more

Formlabs, Peopoly Maoi, Nobel and more

LC Dental, Anycubic, Wanhao, Phrozen, Sparkmaker, Kudo Bean and more

Material Range

Printer Compatibility Guide

Daylight Magna: LC Magna

Daylight Precision: LC Precision/1.5

Daylight Pro: LC Pro

Daylight: LC 10″, LCHR/HR2

UV DLP: LC Dental, MoonRay, Asiga, Envisontec, Flashforge and more

UV Laser- Formlabs, Peopoly Maoi, Nobel and more

UV LCD- LC Dental, Anycubic, Wanhao, Phrozen, Sparkmaker, Kudo Bean and more

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