Slide Our latest generation of large format printers are capable of producing large parts at a scale previously impossible using traditional SLA 3D technology.

Advances in screen size and resolution supported by our material development have enabled this disruptive technology to change the industrial parts are made.
Large Format 3D Printing Enabling Custom Mass Manufacture

Slide LC Maximus Available Large Format 3D Printers LC Magna

Magna Print Farm The next phase in our mass manufacture journey Creating the Magna Printer Farm We are arming ourselves to create the largest quantity of a single item by 3D printing ever made. In a matter of weeks our business has witnessed change and scale like never before and this is all in preparation to manufacture over 7 million of 3D printed parts. Urgency has become our new norm as we have designed and built a tailor made factory and Magna Print Farm. This has been developed to fullfill our recent NHS contract, in support of frontline health and care staff. See the impressive progress below.
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Slide Daylight Technology Materials Backlit LCD Screen
Our large format printers use our patented daylight activated resin technology.

Curing at 460nm (visible light) our backlit LCD arrays and resins do not suffer from screen degradation that is commonplace with small format UV LCD printers.

Visible light cures more effectively at lower intensities and with particle rich formulations than UV.
Printed Parts
Daylight resin

Slide In 2019 we entered into a strategic partnership with BASF to co-develop the full range of functional resins necessary for industrial use.

As one of the largest chemical producers in the world BASF has an interest in manufacturing very large volumes of resins for 3D printing in the future- this can only be achieved if they deliver functional properties at an economically acceptable price.

Our vision to enable custom mass manufacture using screens perfectly aligns with BASFs. Read more about our partnership below.
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Slide 3D Printing for Dental Since its launch in June 2019, LC Magna has quickly been adopted by dental labs worldwide as the gold standard for dental model manufacture. Capable of producing up to 105 dental models (vertically) on the build platform at 100um in 4 hours or 48 (horizontally) in 80 minutes. Our fully costed pricing sheet for each model provides financial transparency to your business. Learn more about batch processing of Dental Models below. Aligner Model

Enabling custom mass manufacture. Benefit from the largest build volumes in the world using this amazing new technology. Magna and Maximus are the first industrial large-scale printers designed to deliver large prints, printed in acceptable times to support manufacturing industry. From large automotive to multiple small beauty products and everything in between, Photocentric has your solution. Industry 3D Printing for Industry