Tradition Meets the Future

3D printing has revolutionized the way jewelry is made. Artisans can now transform concept to creation without the barriers associated with traditional wax carving. 3D printing is cost-effective, quick and reduces labor. Designs have no limit, even the most complex geometries are possible.

Capture Precise, Accurate and Delicate Designs

Produce high definition custom jewelry items with our dedicated range of resins.

Our portfolio of resins are formulated to allow jewelers to produce rapid, accurate and affordable prints for casting, mold making and prototyping.

3D Printed Models for Direct Casting

Traditionally jewelry designs are individually hand carved from wax for investment casting. Now, by using our 3D printing process, numerous highly precise items can be made all with a smooth surface and exceptional detail for casting.

Rapid Prototyping Custom Jewellery

The time-consuming method of carving wax patterns for client consultations is no longer necessary. Designs can be transformed from CAD to then made into accurate 3D printed prototypes, reducing lead-times and the potential of lost business from delays.

3D Printed Master Patterns for Moulds

3D Printing the mold is fast and simple in comparison to fabricating master patterns out of wax for vulcanization. Photocentric Mould resin can withstand the high temperatures and pressures of vulcanization and will allow users to directly 3D print accurate master patterns.

Jewelry Brand Ambassador

Renowned for crafting beautiful bespoke jewelry, the Argentinian Goldsmiths Quimbaya Orfebreria have revolutionized their business by introducing 3D printing into their workflow.

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